The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha The University of California, Berkeley

Alpha Sigma Update (December 2020)

Alpha Sigma & Covid

The men at Alpha Sigma have weathered the storm (so far) without a single covid case among the actives.  The Alumni Association has provided a supply of masks and hand sanitizer for each room and asked that the Chapter follow University guidelines concerning group functions and that guests be severely limited.  It has worked for the fall semester that ends December 18, 2020.

Small Gym in House with Alumni Help

The small gym created in the former pool room has been used a great deal this fall because the student recreation center gym is closed. Besides normal weights, a few workout machines have been added thanks to the donations of alumni. Many of you have stepped up to either volunteer time or monies to contribute to the health, safety, academic or fraternal experience of our undergraduate brothers.

We would like to acknowledge another very generous contribution. Brother Eric Bachman donated a professional piece of equipment for the house gym. Tom Econome says. “Thanks Eric. You have helped the actives strive to become a supreme physical specimen such as yourself”.

Scholarship Program for “Athletes, Scholars, Gentlemen and Leaders”

Each year a number of scholarships for actives are awarded in March.  Of course, the number varies according to the donations received – each award is $800 which is roughly the cost of membership in the Chapter for one year.  The awards are named for outstanding alumni and began in 2016 with the James Green Athlete Award, then came the Mike Rood Gentleman award, then the Don Kosovac Leader Award and last year was the Carl Walsh Scholar Award.

This year the cycle will repeat with the Barry Bronk Athlete Award. You can honor Barry with a donation!

Give to Alpha Sigma

Looking for a place to give a little money before years end?  Go to our Donate page where you can securely submit your contribution and join with these loyal brothers who have given for the membership year 2020-21:

Kosovac, Young, Moffett, Econome, Franchini, Abrue, Callaghan, Anderson, Bronk, Johnson, Tomeoni, Avilla, Weller, Hansen, Cobleigh, Colton, Pry, Thomas, Coates, Ruth, Thurlow, Papini, Dreyfus, Brear, Rohwer, French, Cox, Paine, Forbes, Walter, Owen, Sayon, Medall, Relles, Hurley, Nathanson, O’Dea, Armour, Rose, Stark, Berger, Evans, and Zacchia.