The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha The University of California, Berkeley

Founder’s Day Celebration – 3/13/21

March is the traditional month to celebrate Founder’s Day as Pi Kappa Alpha was founded on March 1, 1868.  Last year’s celebration was cancelled due to the pandemic. However, where there is a will there is a way. The Alpha Sigma actives are planning a virtual (zoom) Founder’s Day on March 13 at 5:00pm and you will receive an invitation. We will conduct the usual business of electing the ASAA and ASBA Board members, awarding of the 2021 Barry Bronk Athlete Scholarships and receiving an update on the new development project for the fraternity.

Alumni who have paid their dues for 2020-21 are all voting members – are you listed here? If not, please take a minute to submit your Alumni Dues by donating! Thanks to the following for their support this year:

Don Kosovac, Bart Young, Tom Moffett, Tom Econome, Bill Franchini, Michael Abreu, Michael Callaghan, Clifford Anderson, Barry Bronk, Edward JJ Johnson, William Callendar, Tom Tomeoni, Greg Avilla, Robert Weller, Greg Hansen, Don Cobleigh, Larry Colton, Pat Pry, Wayne Thomas, Jon Coates, Rich Nye, Jim Ruth, Nick Thurlow, John Papini, David Dreyfus, James Brear, Jeff Rohwer, Eric French, Eric Cox, James Hart, Thomas Paine, Paul Forbes, Lance Walter, Steven Owen, Charles Sayon, Shell Medall, Tom Relles, James Hurley, Aidan Nathanson, Ed O’Dea, Nick Armour, Graydon Rose, Caden Stark, Jeff Evans, Eric Berger, Giacomo Zacchia, Michael Rodriquez, Robert Brudney, Istvan Palagyi,  and Rich Papike.