The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha The University of California, Berkeley

Current Donors

Below are the donors who have contributed to one of our various funds this year. Their support makes a big difference and is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Event Sponsor Level ($250+)

Bill Franchini ’66
Tom Econome ’81

Donor Level ($100-$249)

Don Kosovac ‘53
John Daniels ‘46
Bart Young ‘50
Mike Callaghan ‘66
William Callender ‘46
Doug Bertozzi ‘79
Greg Avilla ‘64
Robert Weller ‘83
Don Cobleigh ‘63
Larry Colton ‘61
Pat Pry ‘68
Wayne Thomas ‘65
Larry Orman ‘67
Curtis Higgins ‘55
Allan Roof (Advisor)
Rich Nye ‘64
Jon Coates ‘83

Membership Level ($25-$99)

Tom Moffett ‘67
Mike Abreu ‘83
Clifford Anderson ‘49
Barry Bronk ‘66

Don Smith ‘82
Robert Lipp ‘84
Alex Nelson ‘08


*Donation recognition periods begin July 1st and runs through June 30th of the following calendar year.

Prior Donor Years